Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Reject Rejection

Reject Rejection

From a very young age, I was refused
Left feeling like a pair of worn out shoes
All scuffed up, dirty and already used
Bent, broken scraped up and bruised

I should have shaken off all the rejection and hate
If Ide only dug deep inside my destiny and fate
I would have learned self-love before it got to late
My compassion for self would not have had to wait

Don't ever let someone put you down
make you sad and make you wear a frown
They're a joke and  fake as a clown
Their evil and hate will boomerang around 

That's okay, God has a different love for you
One that is always there and forever true
One that will never forsake or leave you blue
Will make you feel all shiny and brand new

His love is deeper than the hurt they caused
HIS love will not slow up or ever be paused

He will prove HIS love is deep and true
Never will HE take it away from you
HE cannot be taken HE is like the dew
He counts you among HIS treasured few

Kimmy Gerred
November 21, 2017
Palm Springs, CA.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Father says today, that this is a freeing time for you. There have been many things that have held you back and held you in intimidation My beloved, but truly this is a time I am coming in, and I am doing the work inside of you that is going to cause great freedom ... (click link or title to continue)
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Poem for Dr. Hans

Dr. Hans Petermann

Such inspiration to many and he always believed in me
 A perfect holiday guest as anyone could ever hope to be

Inspite of his affliction he always worked hard every day.
A man with moral values and he always had a lot to say

Many said Dr. Hans was the most intelligent man they'd ever knew 
He was never afraid to speak his mind but that he knew too much too.

He was a service man stationed in Germany in nineteen sixty three 
He spoke several languages and repaired helicopters in the U.S. Army

He loved the Sciences and Physics was his favorite subject of matter in life
 He is survived by his brother and daughters not by his former late pilot and wife

She died before the professor and he loved and missed her and his mom too 
Her cooking he loved and always mentioned it during the Thanksgiving too

Such a pleasant friend to have and to know 
One you could always count on and to always go

So unbiased and unjudgemental his friendship was true 
He would lift your spirits even if you were blue

You could tell him anything and he would always understand 
Such wisdom and understanding I've not found in any other man

He was loved by many and will be missed by us all 
A pillar has departed, We now miss when he used to call

His light and his strength have gone to another dimension and space
One he was fully aware of in life on earth, the universe and in any case

Good bye to you Dr. Hans with love and peace 
Your daily walks to the post office will now cease

I will miss you the most during the holidays of course
 But I will think of you kindly without hesitate or remorse

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kimmy Gerred Certifications including ...

of these CE's and Certifications are newly achieved. I am most proud
of the . of School of Medicine at UCSD Dept. of Psychology and the 13
CEU's from the June 2016 symposium, the Medication Assisted Treatment
(MAT) and my CA. Ins. Lic., Long Term Care, and Money Laundering